Google announced today the release of "Inbox".  What is it and how does it differ than Gmail? First it is not Gmail or part of Gmail. Inbox is an email system that is built "mobile first" with AI.  What does that mean? It means that the product was developed starting with mobile in mind by designing the user interaction to be to be streamlined and optimized for your phone.  All of us know that most mail apps today are a little more difficult to use on our phones than our desktops.  It also has Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in to act like a kind of personal assistant so that can help you with your overpopulated inbox.  It can surface and highlight information that is important to you so you don't have to look for it or wonder if you missed something. Things like airline information, bills, emails from your favorite people or important customers will all be highlighted and linked to the internet to tell you things like your flight is late or there is traffic on the way to your next meeting so you better leave a half hour early.  However, it is an invite only thing for the time being just like gmail was when it was first introduced to the market.  So reach out to all your geeky friends and tell them to invite you!  

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