The report everyone in the world, especially the tech industry, waits for every year was released yesterday. 

Read the report Here >>>

This report outlines:

  • The biggest companies in tech
  • Where the dollars are going
  • Why messaging sits at the top this year
  • Rising Technologies
    • Video
    • On-Demand
    • Drones
  • Content Explosion
  • How the economy is being changed by technology

Some Quick Highlights:

  • 39% of world is connected to the internet - Facebook and Google see getting the other 5 billion online as a huge opportunity.
  • Platforms Rule: Top internet companies are all platforms;
    • Apple, Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Amazon
  • The untapped industries with the largest opportunity for innovation are;
    • Government, Healthcare and Education
  • India, Brazil and China are the next growth frontier
  • Average American spends 5.6 hours a day on the internet. Mostly on their mobile device
  • Mobile Ad Spend to rise
  • Video viewing on mobile devices growing fast
  • Tech is changing enterprise process all together
  • People spend most of their time in messaging apps
  • Look to the east for trends in mobile
  • User Generated Content is Exploding
  • Shift for teens in social platforms from the big 3 (facebook, twitter, linkedin) to Snapchat and Instagram.  i.e. more visual experiences. 
  • The on-demand era is exploding.  Get anything, anywhere, anytime has become a reality with services providing on-demand for just about anything.  i.e. taxis, cars, meals, groceries, etc.  44% of their workforce are millenials
  • Drones are about to take over commercial businesses
  • China embraces innovation
  • India ripe for mobile business