2015’s Most Electrifying Emerging Tech? World Economic Forum Releases Annual List...

The List:

  1. Fuel Cell Vehicles: Zero-emission cars that run on hydrogen
  2. Next-generation robotics: Rolling away from the production line
  3. Recyclable thermoset plastics: A new kind of plastic to cut landfill waste
  4. Precise genetic-engineering techniques: A breakthrough offers better crops with less controversy
  5. Additive manufacturing: The future of making things, from printable organs to intelligent clothes
  6. Emergent artificial intelligence: What happens when a computer can learn on the job?
  7. Distributed manufacturing: The factory of the future is online—and on your doorstep
  8. Sense and avoid' drones: Flying robots to check power lines or deliver emergency aid
  9. Neuromorophic technology: Computer chips that mimic the human brain
  10. Digital genome: Healthcare for an age when your genetic code is on a USB stick

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