Today's article is packed with a glimpse into the very near future.  It touches on The Internet of Things, Biotechnology & Bioinformatics and what the emerging platforms coming may look like.

Highlights from the article:

- "In the near term, implanted devices like the xNT RFID will enable seamless interaction with the Internet of Everything (IoT) around us. Unlock doors with a wave of your hand, start your car, or perhaps pay for a coffee with bitcoin stored in memory."

- "Wearable devices ranging from watches to contact lenses will track everything—footsteps, heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure and other critical vitals."

- "Recently, Google described its, “ambitious plan to use magnetic nanoparticles circulating through the blood to detect and report back on signs of cancer or an impending heart attack.”

- "Researchers out of MIT are developing an under-the-skin sensor that they say could be “useful in the monitoring of cancer or other diseases that cause inflammation… able to detect immune reactions in patients who have artificial hips or other implanted devices.”

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