This report breaks down mobile site performance reviews across Retail, Banking and Travel for Q3 2014.  We have bulleted the main points as quick tips.  Read the full report for details...

  • Keep mobile page load times down.  Averages: Retail = 2.4 seconds, Banking = 2.1 seconds, Travel = 4 seconds
  • Remove any unnecessary data and requests. Mobile devices have less caching ability.
  • Create a dedicated mobile site rather than forcing mobile users onto a desktop version
  • Adjust hi-res images down to lower resolution versions
  • Be careful with 3rd party requests
  • Speed and reliability trump feature-richness. A lighter site is a better site
  • Keep retargeting or marketing initiatives on your login page to a minimum
  • Use design techniques specific for mobile
  • Adaptive Web design has shown to be 50% faster on average than Responsive Web design

Full report here